Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Dave Chappelle Gets Sued


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Sunday, Comedy Central assembled together the measly scraps of Chappelle's thwarted third season for a trailer in anticipation of the soi-dissant "Chappelle wake." Today, TheSmokingGun (link via defamer) airs Dave Chappelle's dirty laundry (And, financials):

"Claiming that Dave Chappelle has stiffed him for at least $864,500, the comedian's former personal manager has sued the star, opening a window on the performer's finances and his lucrative Comedy Central deal. In a breach of contract complaint filed yesterday in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, Mustafa Abuelhija claims that he and Chappelle last September entered into a management agreement, though the deal 'was never reduced to writing.' In late-June, upon his return from an abrupt and mysterious South African sojourn, the 32-year-old Chappelle fired Abuelhija during a meeting at a San Francisco hotel, according to the lawsuit, an excerpt of which you'll find below During his 10 months as Chappelle's manager, Abuelhija contends that he played a crucial role in deals that earned the comedian about $10 million (and which potentially could earn Chappelle tens of millions more). Abuelhija, who began working as Chappelle's 'jack-of-all-trades' in 2001, claims that he is owed a piece of the performer's 'Chappelle's Show' deal with Comedy Central as well as a chunk of revenues generated by personal appearances, a future DVD, and the Michel Gondry-directed movie 'Dave Chappelle's Block Party.'"

Chappelle made a killing on the DVDs. He's rich, bitch. No wonder he can find time to tour the "Funny Bone" in Kentiucky. (TheSmokingGun)

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