Thursday, December 01, 2005

Kate Moss Guest Edits French Vogue


(image via fashionweekdaily)

Superloser and ex-rentboy/crackhead/ "minuteman" Pete Doherty (Averted Gaze), who just got out of the same rehab that his ex-girlfriend left, was just arrested on suspicion of drugs. In fact, the 3AM Girls report that Doherty allegedly rolled a joint while waiting to be questioned by the cops. Classy.

Kate Moss, on the other hand, is experiencing a career rennaisance. According to Fashionweekdaily:

"In the special December issue of French Vogue, which hits newsstands in Europe later this week, the supermodel utilizes her guest-editing skills in a series of couture-centered stories that peg her as the 'scandaleuse beaut�,' or scandalous beauty.

"In a firsthand look at the issue, a Daily exclusive�of which four covers were created based on director Jean Cocteau�s 1946 French film, La Belle et la B�te (Beauty and the Beast)�the magazine�s creative director, Fabien Baron, offered a simple reason for choosing multiple covers instead of the traditional single. 'We couldn�t make up our mind which one we liked the best,' he offered.

"... After Moss� unfortunate drug allegations generated a worldwide scandal, the model, who had designed the initial structure of the stories, sought rehabilitation and as a result, became unavailable to finish several of the main fashion wells. As Baron noted, a couple of pages had to be reinvented and 'one of the stories should�ve had all photos of her, but it wasn�t her in the end.'

"Baron didn�t want to give away too much, but he did touch upon some highlights. The issue�s longest article, written by Sheryl Garratt (a freelance English journalist who was once editor in chief of The Face), traces Moss� life, career, and her rise to fashion icon status, and is accompanied by a series of photos Mario Testino shots, along with Moss� own personal pictures, as well as French Vogue�s own portraits. A portfolio homage to Moss was also created, where major photographers from Bruce Weber to Steven Klein to Patrick Demarchelier to Testino, each dedicated one photo and quote about Moss and how inspiring she has been to each of them.

"But even with all the pretty dresses and sugary quotes, what�s most potentially touching is the picture Moss herself selected for the issue�s opener. The 'This was not a paparazzi photo; Kate took it herself and gave it to us,' Baron stated."

The full article here.

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