Friday, December 23, 2005

Fergie's Crotch Jinx


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Fashionweekdaily, one of our favorite reads, recounts with boldfacers their fashion faux pas of the past year. As you can imagine, the always candid Michael Musto took the grand prize. Just when we thought we had gotten over the whole Black-eyed pees incident, the glorious Musto puts it all back into proper perspective:

"For a Paper magazine dinner for Fergie, the rock star, I dug up the most incredible old Albert Crudo ensemble I had worn to great effect in the '80s (and I have press-clippings to prove it). The number in question is a brown and white floral print thingie with tight-fitting pants and a gorgeous blouson with butterfly sleeves. I couldn't ride my bike in the outfit (it's too unwieldy and might get caught in the spokes), so right outside the restaurant, I made a big spectacle of changing into it, thankfully not drawing the attention of cops, who probably could have gotten me on indecent exposure. I sashayed into the bash feeling fabulous, and the photographers went wild as I spread my arms and looked like a mythical '80s creature ready to take flight. Unfortunately, what went bye-bye was any sense of decency as I heard a deafeningly loud rip in my crotch area."

(A considerable pause) Oh dear. Her "humps" notwithstanding, Fergie's, like, quite the crotch-jinx, no?

More Musto here.

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