Monday, December 19, 2005

Rescue Him!


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This summer we saw alot -- too much? -- Denis Leary all over the Upper West Side filming his critically praised FX drama "Rescue Me." His coif, we cannot fail to note, was intense: a well-appointed light mahogany chestnut "do" of immense importance. Severity, even. (Averted Gaze) There may have been a touch of auburn highlighting involved -- don't quote us. (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment)

Leary takes his Christmas parties, we hear, just as seriously as he does his bob; according to those intrepid, inquisitive Page Sixxies:

"Late last Tuesday night, following the show's Christmas party at the SoHo Grand Hotel, a band of merrymakers led by Leary swarmed the downstairs bar of Ono at the Hotel Gansevoort and immediately decided to play Truth or Dare with shots of vodka as truth serum.

"But the actors � including Leary, hunky co-firefighter Daniel Sunjata and fetching fire vixen Callie Thorne � preferred 'dare' and instantly turned the game into a flagrant exhibitionism session.

"'They ordered every kind of vodka the bar had,' says our reliable spywitness, 'which included 15 brands. They put it on a Lazy Susan, spun it around and played the game. They were calling it the Boozy Susan.

"'There were no make-out sessions.' Instead, the 'Rescue Me' revelers were merely 'baring their breasts or their [male private parts] � or they'd moon someone. It went on for an hour and a half. Callie lifted her shirt and put her breasts on the bar.

"'Denis slid down a banister completely naked. He did it lickety split,' continues our tattletale.

"'Where they were sitting was facing the hotel's courtyard on Ninth Avenue. They were flashing the incoming traffic. Everyone was blowing their horns at them.

"'It was a lot of fun � completely debauched. The wait staff was laughing their a - - es off. They knew they were going to get an enormous tip.'"

And yet, that hefty tip did not, apparently, include ratfinking. Then again, who can blame the bar-keeps for breaking? Page Six, as we all know, is mightier than even Omerta.

The full story here.

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