Thursday, December 15, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out


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In: Harvey Weinstein. Six Flags has signed on Big Harv to their Board of Directors. He kicked ass at the Golden Globes nominations( Which, although admittedly oily, are momentum into Oscar season). 74 days in business and The Weinstein Company gets 8 Golden Globe nominations.

When not commenting on the fuckability of Samantha Morton, Harv was -- reportedly -- a great influence on Jack Black's portrayal of the oily Carl Denham in King Kong.According to Liz Smith:

"He is the head of the spanking new Weinstein Co., reacting to nods for Transamerica, Mrs. Henderson Presents and The Matador.

"Of his new life, the once derailed, terrible-tempered Mr. Big of independents says, 'I am calmer, better. After almost three years of soap opera with my previous business partners, I am feeling the excitement of a fantastic freedom. Disney's Bob Iger and I have a wonderful relationship. The pressure's down. And I think even the people who work for me every day would say I'm in a less tumultuous frame of mind.'"


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Out: Paris Hilton. The ink had barely dried on the dog magazine press release which scored Paris Hilton as the worst pet owner in the known cosmos before the amateur porn star issued her own sentimental "Fuck You Very Much" back at them.

Paris, if you don't already know, has become a pet-parent again, adopting two puppies. (A considerable pause) Obviously, in a past life, those puppies were brutal African dictators. Karma's a bitch, you see. According to Hello!Magazine:

"Accompanied by her little sister Nicky, the reality TV star hit the city's shops carrying the tiny canines. And her furry friends may soon be making key decisions for the 24-year-old. Paris has said she relies on her Chihuahua Tinkerbell to approve new suitors."


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"'If Tink likes a guy, I know they're good,' she once revealed. The blonde beauty, who also counts a ferret, a goat and a kinkajou aong her menagerie, is so attached to her pets she once tried to board a plane with the animals after a shopping spree in Las Vegas. Unimpressed flight attendants directed her to the nearest car hire to make the six-hour drive home to California."

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In: David Patrick Columbia. We like it especially when our favorite social chronicler mixes in the personal and all things societal. David Patrick Columbia doesn't disappoint in today's NYSocialDiary:

"I walked a few more blocks in the freezing cold to the townhouse of Arthur Altschul who dates Patricia Duff. They were having a big holiday cocktail party. Mr. Altschul is related to the prominent Lehman family here in New York, one of the distinguished 'Our Crowd' families.

"There were a number of the relatives among the guests. It was interesting because dynasties are always interesting.The party was on two floors. On the first floor was a bar overlooking the back patio of the house which features a waterfall. The bartender in black tie was serving pink champagne. Excellent. Other waiters in white jackets were passing the hors d�oeuvres. I saw several people I recognized including Richard Meier the architect ... Mort Zuckerman, Richard Cohen, the political columnist ... Alexandra and Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Katrina vanden Heuvel and many more who looked very familiar but whom I don�t know.

"Ms. Duff has long been active in political circles and so there were, no doubt, a lot of politcal personalities and/or commentators there.

"It was one of those cocktail parties where I thought I�d stop in and say hello and turn around and leave. But it turned out to be one of those parties where everyone was in a chatty and friendly mood, so there was all kinds of talking to people I�d never met before. Jay Cantor is the man who gave me and JH a tour of the Jay Gould house 'Lyndhurst' last summer up in Irvington on the Hudson. We ended up talking about writers. He asked me if I�d ever read David Sedaris who has a new book out. No, I hadn�t. So as he was leaving, Jay handed me paperback of a Sedaris book called Holidays on Ice. Frankly I never thought I�d even open it since humor writers are not my priority.Then about nine o�clock I decided I needed to get home, so I left, with my book. I couldn�t find a taxi so I decided to take a bus up Third Avenue.

"Once in my seat, I opened Holidays On Ice. The first part is about the author applying for a job as an elf at holiday time at Macy�s. It was hysterical. I was laughing out loud all the way up Third Avenue. The kind of laughing where you know other people are looking at you and either thinking you�re nuts or wondering what you�re reading that�s so funny. A perfect holiday cocktail party."

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