Friday, December 16, 2005

The Corsair on the CBS Blog


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Today I do a guest spot on the CBS Eye Blog in the "Outside Voices" segment. We have to say, CBS is a very decent organization. In the invitation, Brian Montopoli of CBS made it clear that they would not make any restrictions on the content of my essay.

They even invited me to criticize CBS News if that was where I wanted to go.

Anyway, check out what The Corsair had to say on 60 Minutes' recent trending towards the puffy sports profiles. Obviously this is being done to keep the sports eyeballs from "The Game." We can't blame CBS for that -- especially since Sean McManus, the new head of CBS News, is also the head of CBS Sports.

McManus has, obviously, a mandate; he needs to increase the interest of young viewers in the News division. How else to accomplish this than by promoting sports stories on 60 Minutes during the game? Again, I don't blame CBS News -- this is the natural play -- but I am critical about the types of sports pieces that they are presently doing. If the CBS News division is going to increase sports reporting on 60 Minutes, they ought to do it in a manner organic to the seriousness of the program.

Just yesterday Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel won a prestigous DuPont Award for their magnificent investigative report "The Sport of Sheikhs" on the exploitation of child jockeys in the middle east. This is the first instance of sports reporting getting love at the DuPonts. HBO's Real Sports should be the model that CBS News looks to rather than the horrendous "Romo" steroid story.

CBS, to their credit, didn't censor a word that I wrote.

(CBS Public Eye)

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