Wednesday, December 28, 2005

2005's Highlights in Hip


(image via gawker via nicola tamindzic)

Tricia Romano, the Village Voice's ambassador to The Hip (And, we cannot fail to note: "Attache to The Door Bitches"), asks some of the noteworthy nightlifers to recall their most vivid experiences of 2005. Not including, one imagines, those pharmaceutically enhanced moments of "pellucid clarity." (Averted Gaze) As expected, among the mentions were: the standard chocolate pussy autograph, Spring 2006 Fashion Week, Coachella, and, of course, Madonna. Here's a taste:

"Thomas Onorato, door bitch: Being so uncomfortable referring to Madonna as 'Madonna,' only to find out the night of that in person, they all refer to her as 'M.'"

"Lizzie Yoder: Going to the Moscow Cat Circus and seeing a cat do a paw stand on an old Russian clown's hand.

"Geo, MisShapes: When Madonna kissed me and wished me happy birthday when she DJ'd MisShapes.

"Haunted Pussy: The Hiro Fischerspooner Halloween afterparty, where Drew Barrymore asked us to autograph her chocolate vagina.

"Ultragrrrl: Getting kidnapped by the Killers and peeing while Hilary Duff sang me a Smiths song. Not at the same time.

"Miss Guy: Having a three-way with Tommy Hottpants and Kate Moss."

More seriously fucked up shit here.

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