Saturday, August 11, 2007

Media -Whore's D'Oevres

(image via hecklerspray)

"US rap star Kayne West should be very bubbly at a secret gig in London next week. Organisers have promised the rapper, a big hit at the Concert for Diana, they will fill his dressing room with a dozen bottles of champagne." (3AMGirls)

"I’ve said it before to people who have a romanticized view of the artist and hold creation sacred: In the end, your art doesn’t save you. No matter what sublime works you fabricate (and Bergman gave us a menu of amazing movie masterpieces) they don’t shield you from the fateful knocking at the door that interrupted the knight and his friends at the end of 'The Seventh Seal.' And so, on a summer’s day in July, Bergman, the great cinematic poet of mortality, couldn’t prolong his own inevitable checkmate, and the finest filmmaker of my lifetime was gone." (Woody Allen; NYTimes)

"Shopping at Barneys is never a chore, particularly when it’s chock full of art from Polly Apfelbaum to Vik Muniz, both artists whose works, to no one’s surprise, sold halfway through the evening. Such was the scene Wednesday night in Chelsea when the retailer loaned its 18th Street Co-op store to host 'Unframed,' a cocktail reception and pre-sale of original signed works from 16 artists at relatively approachable prices benefiting ACRIA ...'I bought an edition of 12 Jeff Koons pieces three or four years ago at a similar ACRIA event,' said Francisco Costa, a co-chair for the evening. 'They’re in my apartment just as you walk in the door on the left-hand side' ... 'All the X-rated stuff is in the corner,' joked Simon Doonan of three slightly more sexually explicit pieces of ‘erectile genitalia,’ created by, appropriately enough, artist William Wood." (Fashionweekdaily)

"DEMOCRATIC insiders who aren't neutral in the presidential race do not take seriously the USA Today/Gallup poll of Democratic voters showing Sen. Hillary Clinton 23 percentage points ahead of Sen. Barack Obama. They contend national surveys are meaningless because outcomes of early-state contests are critical. State polls show a virtual three-way tie among Clinton, Obama and former Sen. John Edwards in Iowa's early caucuses. Clinton has only a narrow lead over Obama in New Hampshire's opening primary. Obama has moved slightly ahead in the latest survey for South Carolina, the next primary state." (Novack)

How Can You Tell The Difference Between Romney and the Swine? "More than 175 Romney family members -- it’s a big family -- have come to Iowa for a gathering Friday night and to help out at the Ames Straw Poll on Saturday and Romney is accompanied at the fair by his wife Ann, three of his five sons, and a slew of grandchildren. Romney puts on an apron that says: 'Mitt Romney. Not a blah cook. The Other White Meat. Don’t be blah.' ('Don’t be blah' is the official marketing slogan of the National Pork Board for reasons best known to it.) Romney stands behind the giant grill facing about 50 or so pork chops. 'Look at this!' he says with enthusiasm." (Politico)

"A secret wedding, a new baby and a child support battle on the horizon -- Spice Girl Melanie Brown has a lot to talk about.And the Brit also known as Scary Spice opened up about them all for the first time on Thursday night's Larry King Live ... She continued about her ex, 'I think he's been extremely disrespectful and I don't think anybody should be allowed to get away with saying what he said whilst I was pregnant...Even when the DNA test results were in there was still nothing further said, which I found baffling. After all this, and still nothing? It's unacceptable.'" (Usmagazine)

"Can Oprah get any richer? Can Paul Allen.? The Hollywood Reporter notes that if NBC Universal acquired Oxygen it would be a natural fit for NBC’s iVillage that has thus far been underutilized by GE’s entertainment unit. iVillage, like Oxygen, is regarded as ahead of its time. The original vision of Oxygen when it launched in 2000 was to be a multiplatform convergence of television and the web geared towards young women. After the dotcom bust, Oxygen evolved into a pure television play." (Webnewser)

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