Thursday, August 09, 2007

It's Anne Hathaway's World

(image via aufemenin)

Far be it from us to question the rise of doe-eyed Anne Hathaway, who has aligned her ascent to parallel that of a Jane Austen heroine -- did you hear about "Masterpiece Theater"? -- whose social success that any young woman would be proud to root for. Anne Hathaway must have the best representation in the world because even when she is caught crying during her film opener -- which should be a magical night for any starlet -- she can turn the rain into raibows soon after with glowing reports of her and her boyfriend smooching on the steps of their possibly new $22 million Grammercy Park apartment )(3rd item). We are oddly fixated on this would-be Jane Austen's climb up the NY-LA-DC social ladder.

Rarely, we've noticed, does Hatahway make a career mistake. This may be because of her management, but her films are meticulously picked -- with the jewelers eye -- calculated to enhance her effect on the dreams of young women. She is building quite a career, we cannot fail to note. Anne Hathaway will grow as her fans grow. And so, we take notice. From Variety:

"Anne Hathaway will lead an ensemble cast in Jonathan Demme's 'Dancing With Shiva' for Sony Classics.

"Bill Irwin, Anna Deveare Smith and Debra Winger will star in the comedy based on a screenplay by Jenny Lumet, Sidney's daughter.

"Demme will direct and produce with producing partner Neda Armian and Marc Platt. He will tackle it after he finishes work on "He Comes in Peace," a docu about Jimmy Carter backed by Participant Prods.

"'Dancing With Shiva' is skedded to begin lensing in mid-September in Connecticut."

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