Friday, August 10, 2007

Bill Clinton's Weekend

If Hillary OWNS The Hampton's -- as the conventional wisdom says -- then it is not entirely without the help of Bill Clinton. Did she and he have a deal for helping get the nomination for silence and support on The Monica? Who knows. She is at present however kicking everyone's asses in the debates, firing off her talking points at will and scoring off her less media-savvy opponents. And he is most certainly an asset. From DansHampton's:

"When he first came in, he looked a bit weary. He had just come from the home of Irene and Bernard Schwartzman and during the next few days, he would attend, with his wife, several parties at several more homes. The hope was that a weekend visit to the Hamptons would bring in a million dollars to help fund Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. In the end, it did.

"Soon, however, he was out on a deck talking to a group that had swelled to about eighty people and he brightened. He talked about a wide range of things and he talked to everybody there for an hour and ten minutes, by my watch -- an astonishing amount of time, it seemed to me, considering our modest numbers -- but then, he is a talker."


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