Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Good Week For Hillary

(image via nymag)

It's been a good week for Hillary. Richardson fumbled; Barakistan is still an issue (And isn't it astonishing how the run-up to the Democratic Primary is influencing world events, including US-China Trade relations and Pakistan's stability?!); and polls show her firmly entrenched at the front of the pack.

Now comes news she aced the gay rights forum debate. From Politico:

"You can tell from the applause, when she came in, and when she declared that 'I'm your girl,' that this is in some sense Hillary's crowd. She's close to the Human Rights Campaign leadership, and close to many of the wealthy, institutional gay donors in the crowd, which includes former Clinton appointees. And she always appealed to gay men, in New York at least, beyond the issues, simply because she's something like the political version of a diva."

And, apparently, Hillary OWNS the Hamptons.

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