Saturday, August 18, 2007

HillHeads at Mark Warner?

Hollywood is for pretty people; DC is for the competent and the brainy. (image via abouttheimage)

This Democratic Primary is, in essence, winner take all (And we do hope that winner is Al Gore). Both Hillary and Obama -- the presumable frontrunners -- are from Blue states, so neither needs the other on the ticket, quite frankly. Besides, the relationship would be tense considering the bruising that has come before and the bruising that is yet to come as the contest heats up.

Obama or Hillary (Please Al Gore), if either of them win, can do well without the other. From our favorite Dickensaian villain (The three-piece suits, the scowling leer, the Spaniel-like fidelity to capital gains tax cuts), Robert Novak:

"ANTICIPATING that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will clinch the Democratic presidential nomination, some supporters are beginning to argue against her principal rival - Sen. Barack Obama - for vice president.

"They maintain that Obama provides no general-election help for Clinton. As an African-American from Illinois, Obama represents an ethnic group and a state solidly in the Democratic column. This school of thought advocates a Southerner as Clinton's running mate. The last time Democrats won a national election without a Southerner on the ticket was 1944. Prominent Democrats from the South are in short supply today. The leading prospect: Virginia ex-Gov. Mark Warner."

We couldn't agree more. His foreign policy knowlege, while still light (As evidenced in last year's Davos talk when he was sandwiched between heavyweights John McCain and Joe Biden) is growing massively. By election time he should have mastered the 10-year learning curve of international relations. And Virginia is an electoral ruby for the Democrats.

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