Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cable is For The Seasoned Woman (Or, Why Women Can Outact Men)

Okay, the Sheehyesque term "Seasoned Woman" sounds kind of iffish. One seasons Roast, one doesn't season a woman (Unless, of course, the "seasoning" is consummated between two consenting adults and there is a "safeword" involved).

Gigi Levagnie Grazer is a good woman, and, no doubt, a good wife, but -- for whatever reason -- she was cast aside for a Eurasian beauty in the affections of Brian "The Spiky Haired Menace" Grazer. It's the sort of story that is prime time fare on Lifetime Television weeknightly. So it was no surprise that she -- with an insider's perspective on the ratfinkery of uber-successful men -- was received as Goddess on Lifetime with her "The Starter Wife." Just goddam brilliant programming; Plot: Man Wrongs Woman. Hello? That's like crystal meth and crack rolled up in one to Lifetime Tv viewers.

That having been said, TheHollywoodReporter gives us an update on Gigi Levagnie Grazer:

"On the heels of the ratings and critical success of USA Network's adaptation of her best-seller 'The Starter Wife,' Gigi Levangie Grazer has teamed with Lifetime for a miniseries based on another popular novel of hers, 'Maneater.'

"Lifetime is developing 'Maneater' as a four-hour mini. The search is under way for a writer to pen the project, which has received a script commitment from the cable network.

"'Maneater' centers on Clarissa, a thirtysomething It Girl who, using her good looks and charm, beguiles and manipulates her way to the top echelons of Beverly Hills to land the hottest producer in town until she realizes that he's much less than she bargained for."

And it is not just Gigi -- and, what a hott name -- is being received on the small screen with boffo ratings and big love. Kyra Sedgwick is burning up the screen in "The Closer." Glenn Close is rocking the FX, in a complex role (Even though, to be sure, the sloppy script is convoluted to the point of Augggh!!)"Seasoned" women rule cable. Holly Hunter is getting her character acting thing on. And don't even get me started on how profoundly fuckable Mary Louise Parker is on Showtime's surprise hit "Weeds."

Seasoned women, who tend not to get the prime scripts after they turn 40 (Meryl Streep not included), are colonizing cable, making it their own. And it's all good as far as The Corsair is concerned. We have always contended that for whatever sociological-gender reasons, women are better actors than men (Liv Ullman and Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett could outact Brando and Daniel Day Lewis and Pacino any day. Best Actress in a Drama is always the highlight of any awards show. Guys just don't bring as much intensity. Ask Ingmar Bergman and Ibsen -- with a Ouija board, to be sure -- who wrote for mostly for women (Also late Woody Allen and Fellini). Women just have more interesting inner lives.

Fer realsies.

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