Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dancing to Thriller May Violate Human Rights

(image via wizardtrivia)

Admit it: There is something bewitching -- perhaps even mildly Devilish -- about Michael Jackson's gravity-defying fancydancing. He's like a chocolate-covered goddam Peter Pan! He floats! It's like he's got Mephistopheles in his instep! Which raises the Question: Is dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller against International Law? Ought violators be hauled off to The Hague? Granted, Hugo Grotius would surely rule squarely against the Jheri curl. It's unnatural. Any way you cut it, it's just. Plain. Wrong. (And, to be sure, it does horrible things to a pillowcase after repeated use)

Anyhoo: From, of all places, the Foreign Policy Magazine blog, in a post entitled "Dancing to Michael Jackson not so thrilling to Filipino prisoners":

"Remember our blog post about those 1,500 prisoners in the Philippines who were jamming out to Michael Jackson's "Thriller"? Well, ABC News went behind the scenes and visited the Cebu province prison to find out how it all got made.

"They talk to warden Byron Garcia, who conceived of the routines for prison yard exercise and YouTube fame (and whose sister happens to be the local governor). Are the prisoners actually enjoying themselves? According to a journalist interviewed by ABC who has visited the prison, the enforced dancing may actually be a violation of their human rights."

Agree. Looking backwards, the fact that so many were endlessly entertained by the that simple slight-of-foot known as The Moonwalk is just. Plain. Evil.

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