Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Media-Whore's D'Oevres

(image via thecityreview)

"With the U.S. Open set to start in five days, the Big Apple has become a hangout for the sport's brightest names. Taking advantage of the merging of style and sport, Jay Fielden and Anna Wintour have gathered a dazzling mix of celebrities and socials to honor tennis great Roger Federer with an intimate dinner Thursday night at Wakiya, the much-buzzed about new restaurant in the Gramercy Park Hotel." (Fashionweekdaily)

"He's been wed to Rebecca Romijn little more than a month, but Jerry O'Connell already has a few marital tricks up his sleeve – or, to be more precise, down his pants. 'I get very nervous when I have to take my wedding ring off,' O'Connell, 33, told PEOPLE at Monday's DVD release party for Ugly Betty: The Complete First Season – The Bettyfied Edition. 'But I have to everyday at work, so I safety pin it to my underwear so I'll never forget it.'" (People via Popwatch)

"Wei Fun is proving to be way fun for families and groups who love the casual atmosphere and the wacky menu choices like Ants Climbing a Tree which thoroughly tickles the little ones. '30 Rock' star Alec Baldwin was there lasting week gently chiding daughter Ireland to eat her broccoli. Jon Bon Jovi and wife Dorothea and George Stephanopoulos with wife Ali Wentworth shared almost a dozen dishes and washed it all down with Gruner Vetliner." (Hamptons)

"We hear that 'Hardball' exec producer Tammy Haddad is officially out thanks to Chris Matthews becoming the lowest-rated host on MSNBC primetime. Matthews — a front-and-center face at MSNBC and certainly a go-to pundit on all things political, including election coverage in November and chosen as to moderate one of MSNBC's two kickoff presidential debates in April, along with NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams — has seen his ratings clock in consistently below Keith Olbermann — who is getting a network try-out this Sunday — and even Dan Abrams, who stepped in for Joe Scarborough amidst some changes to the show, yet still manages to consistently beat Matthews' ratings. Only Tucker Carlson, who is on at 4 and 6 pm, has lower ratings on the network." (HuffPo)

"Speaking of polo, Donald Trump was the 'Star' attraction in several ways. Plugging his latest real estate venture, The Donald seemed to have none other then Star Jones by his side every time a photographer came by. Sort of the way she was at Bill Clinton’s side during every available photo op at Jaci and Morris Reid’s two weeks ago. Dubbed a Lollipop Head by the New York Post since her recent and fast weight loss which left her with a rather large head on a tiny torso, Miss Star seems to have indeed shed her unwanted poundage but hardly her imperiousness. When asked politely by a local reporter to pose for a quick photo, the former View co-host snapped 'I have another engagement' then slowly worked her way through the crowd talking up her new Court TV show." (

BTW: There is no discernible reason why this photo of Iman here other than the simple fact that we quite simply required it.

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