Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Donna Karan Is ... Eccentric

silly little freak.

You know the rap on Donna Karan. She's a bit ... odd. Strange, really. Nuttier than an Almond Joy. But that's o-okay; all "creative" types have their quirks. Right?

Of Karan we have written on a previous occasion: "At some point we imagine the highly efficient men with nigh-unbreakable straightjackets are going to one day swoop down and fucking cart ol' crazyface Donna Karan back to whatever stylish institution from which she escaped. This will be done tastefully, though."

At the beginning of our sordid tale, Christie Brinkley, a Hampton's veteran, senses party-danger. After having lived a life of absolute frivolity, she is expert at anticipating party fuck ups.

And then Donna Karan got funky. From Style:

"'Someone's going to fall into the pool tonight,' warned Christie Brinkley as she surveyed the scene at Donna Karan's East Hampton house on Friday night. The occasion was a screening, with the Cinema Society, of Kris Carr's documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer, which will air on Wednesday night on TLC. In truth, it wasn't exactly Karan's house. It was, as the designer described it, her "spa house," complete with subtle and meditative decor, all-you-can-drink Fiji Water, massage tables, hammocks, a sauna, and plenty of nooks and crannies for shavasana and other yoga poses ... Karan eventually took to the bongo drums herself."

Charmed, I'm sure (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment).