Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bouncing a Quarter Off The Secretary of States' Tush

(image via seattlepi)

Apparently the Secretary of State likes to keep things tight. Alright?

And, as any good Corsair knows, it takes great diplomacy to evenly divide booty. Unless, of course, that "booty" belongs said Secretary of State. From Jossip:

"Did you hear? WaPo correspondent Glenn Kessler has penned a bio on his sort-of friend, Condoleezza Rice. And unlike the smear job on Katie Couric, this book casts Rice in a predominantly flattering light.

"Highlights include the part where a 'close friend' (Coit Blacker) recollects throwing loose change at Condi’s behind to confirm his postulation that 'it would bounce right off like a rocket ...'"

Mama says wha-a-aa?

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