Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Scott Baio: Jodie Foster and I used to make out"

Scott Baio wants everyone to know that he is not an Ass. Despite the fact that he rates the women whom he has bedded (Liza Minnelli gets a "7"). And he made out with Jodie Foster when they filmed Bugsy Malone. From EW:

EW: "I asked readers to come up with non-Chachi questions for you. A man named Andrew is clamoring for a Bugsy Malone sequel. What do you remember about making that film?

Baio: "The English kids were so afraid of me, because I was from Brooklyn and they thought all Brooklyn kids were murderers.... Jodie Foster and I used to make out in the hallway of the Holiday Inn in Slough, where we stayed.

EW: "So obviously that was pre-Erin Moran [Baio's Happy Days costar and the woman to whom he lost his virginity].

Baio: "Pre-everything. I was 14.

EW: "Was Jodie Foster your first kiss?

Baio: "No. I was makin' out with girls when I was 8. Come on."

(Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment) Nice.

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