Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Media-Whore's D'Oevres

"The acerbic Christopher Hitchen's, with his remarkably well-timed meditations on atheism and Mother Theresa, is particularly good on cable. MSNBC is the logical venue for his controversial style (Full Disclosure: I interned under Hitchens at The Nation). And Andre Leon Talley and Anna Wintour are tailor made for the Today show audience." (Webnewser)

"Bob (Saget) said that Rodney (Dangerfield) always had his balls hanging out too. Howard (Stern) said he heard a story from this guy David Permit who had a meeting with Rodney and he came walking in with a bathrobe on and his balls hanging out. Bob said that Rodney really helped him out with stuff back then. Artie said he did a gig at Dangerfield's not too long ago and it was really sad. There were only like 16 people there and it's all trapped in the 70s and everyone there is miserable. Howard asked Bob if he's still with the young chick he was dating. Bob said he's dating a younger woman, who's 27, and he's 51. He said her name is Michelle which is ironic since that was the name of one of the girls on 'Full House.' Bob said he met her mother recently and her mother is 1 year younger than him." (Marksfriggin)

"Christopher Bailey blew into the Windy City Tuesday night for a 24-hour jaunt that the town will not soon forget ... Perched just behind Frank Gehry's Pritzker bandshell, nearly 400 guests, including André Leon Talley." Fashionweekdaily)

"This is probably not a question that many people have considered, but on Saturday night in the swank Long Island town of East Hampton, a crowd of 1,500 well-heeled concert-goers got to see for themselves what three Gs can buy when Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers took the stage at the ritzy Ross School. The show was the last in the Social @ Ross series that also included performances by Prince, Billy Joel, Dave Matthews Band, and James Taylor. Summer 'passports' ran $15,000 and offered access to all five events, which attracted a predictable guest list of A-listers, hedge-fund managers, and other people with fantastic tans." (Popwatch)

"Rhymes With Snitch first broke the news of Debarge's arrest. El, whose real name is Eldra, scored major success in 1985 with the hit "Rhythm of the Night." His brother James was briefly married to Janet Jackson, but that marriage was annulled. Debarge currently sits in a cell, without bail. Wear it well!" (TMZ)

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