Friday, August 31, 2007

Media-Whore's D'Oevres

(image via papermag)

"The mentally disabled artists created the most amazing fashion illustrations from the fall collections (from the catwalks). I'm already getting phone calls from the designers themselves who want to purchase the drawings. Trust me on this one folks. It's special.(check out the drawing they did of the fabulous Dolce Gabanna gown above!)" (Papermag)

"The 80-year-old Mr. Warner, first elected to the Senate in 1978, kept his decision closely held Thursday, and aides insisted that speculation about a retirement was just that — speculation. But the senator, who has been weighing his plans for months, talked openly on the NBC News television program 'Meet the Press' last weekend about the prospect of continuing in so demanding a job into his late 80s. 'The Senate requires you to go full bore, six or seven days a week, tremendous energy, go to Iraq, jump in and out of helicopters, get on the cargo planes, no sleep,' he said. 'And I’ve got to assess, at this age, whether it is fair to Virginia to ask for a contract for another six years.'" (NYTimes)

"We've seen two waves of model nationalism in the last five years: first, the Brazilian glamazons, led by Gisele, and then alien-eyed waifs from the Eastern Bloc, led by Sasha Pivovarova. But the runways this Fashion Week are going to look less like the U.N. and more like high school." (NewYorkMag)

"(P)hotographers are still being blamed for car accidents caused by drug use. But some things have changed since Princess Diana died. While William still stands to inherit the throne, Harry has emerged as the new hot prince ...Harry might not have the best judgment (going to a costume party as a Nazi, enlisting in the army) but he’s looking better and better every day." (Jossip)

"Bhutto is urging Musharraf to step down as military chief and drop corruption charges so she can come home and compete in parliamentary elections due by January. In return, the U.S.-allied Musharraf gets to stay on for another five years as a powerful civilian president. But joining hands with the unpopular general could cost the liberal opposition leader support and turn her audacious bid to win a third term as prime minister into a political suicide." (Time)

"Fashion Week is to editors what Spring Break is to drunken sluts. It's where we all get to see each other, catch up and work our pussies!" (Papermag)

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