Thursday, August 02, 2007

Scary Spice Sues Eddie Murphy For Patrenity

Clearly The Ivy is Scary Spice's chosen arena in her increasingly public war with Eddie Murphy. Yesterday the press conference, today the lunch with Eddie's ex (Ouch!). At some point Eddie Murphy is going to have to just face the babymamadrama, and stop blowing it off, which, in effect, creates this escalating PR war that cannot be good for Murphy's career. DNA tests covered by the tabloids is not strengthening Eddie Murphy's attempt to become the black Carey Grant. The way he's presently handling things -- from denying that the baby could be his, to now -- is bad. Norbit bad.From MTVUK:

"The Spice Girl gets scary so the Beverly Hills Cop actor recognises their daughter…

"Melanie Brown is taking Eddie Murphy to court to make him recognise, and pays money toward, their daughter Angel.

"In a statement, read with her lawyer next to her The Spice Girl said: 'I am here today for one reason- her name is Angel. Angel is my baby and Eddie's. She will always know that she was planned and wanted by the both of us.'

"Scary Spice continued her scathing criticism of the scoundrel: 'I am speaking out today because I recognize that there are millions of single mothers and their children who don't have a voice.'"

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