Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out


Above: Nicole Miller and the glorious Phoebe Eaton

In: The List. Our favorite social chronicler, David Patrick Columbia of NYSocialDiary has comprised "The List." The List is a compendium of the boldfaces who frequent the philanthropy and gala circuits. Included are the television writer Susan Fales-Hill, the ethereally beautiful Phoebe Eaton (The Corsair swoons), the fantastic Michael Gross, Euan Reillie and the ever-colorful Baroness W. Langer von Langerdorff. DPC has long made a study of these rare birds. Of Patricia Duff, DPC writes:

"In Los Angeles in the 1980s and early 90s, she was known as Patricia Medavoy, married to film producer/executive Mike Medavoy. When the marriage ended, or was ending, it was said that billionaire businessman, Ronald Perelman kept his private jet on the tarmac at LAX, ready and waiting for her."



Out: Diane Versus Katie. Thank heavens for Alexandra Jacobs of The Observer. The Corsair thought he was the only one sick and tired of this early morning news war. Who even watches that dreck? Jacobs writes in the salmon-colored weekly:

"The two women each share screen time with so many other broadcasters, bumping news items around like beach volleyballs, that they�re barely distinguishable as the well-paid anchors they are. Until one sits down for a solid block of morning shows, one might forget how inherently annoying the genre is�comforting in times of crisis, perhaps, but usually just a blaring intrusion on the purest and most possible of hours: the coffee mugs, the banal desk patter, the jolly 'ethnic' weatherpeople, the morons screaming behind ropes outside with hand-lettered placards.
Still, the two leading ladies present a fascinating contrast. Katie is populist, Diane is patrician.

"Katie is pocket-sized, Diane something of a giantess. Katie is warm, Diane is cool�but a luminous cool, like the moon."

Hmm. That's good. But we still prefer Alessandra Stanley's delicious line about Sawyer's, "posed, creamy insincerity."

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In: Jay Z's Bash. With Memorial Day coming up, New York's summer social season is gearing up and Jay-Z plans to be a player. According to fashionweekdaily:

"The Daily has learned that on Tuesday, June 7, Jay-Z will host an intimate (read: 200 person) bash at his 40/40 nightclub, celebrating the impending sellout of his limited edition Audemars Piguet watch-and-iPod combo. Created for charity and costing over $20,000, the watch celebrates Jay-Z�s 10 years in the music business, while the party celebrates the watch."

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Out: P Diddy. Who's having the worst week ever and it's only Wednesday? P Diddy. He's being asked to "spread the wealth" in his continuing "baby mamma drama." After a week of catching the gasface from Nicole Kidman, and being asked to leave a club (Is this the same P Diddy who "owned" the years 2000-2003?). According to the AP:

"P. Diddy likes to brag about having the biggest yacht, the most expensive parties, the grandest houses and more. Now he's been ordered to pay what could be the biggest child-support order in New York state history, and he's not happy.

"Last month, the New York State Supreme Court's appellate division approved an increase from $5,000 to $21,782 US per month to P. Diddy's ex-girlfriend, Misa Hylton-Brim. Representatives of both P. Diddy and Hylton-Brim say it's the highest child-support payment in state history."


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