Thursday, May 12, 2005

Dave Chappelle: In A South African Mental Hospital

(image via stressfactory)

As Paper Magazine's Mr. Mickey once told The Corsair, sagely, "Africa is a freak with two 'A's.'" And now (Averted Gaze), Dave Chappelle (link via Gawker) as well, albeit in a mental health facility of all places. Poor Africa. First, Angelina Jolie took it upon herself to use the continent as so much organic scenery to her seduction of Brad Pitt ("What's in the boooxxxx"). Then, last Saturday, the New York Times Magazine launched yet another of their slavery-rape-war-famine-pillage pieces on the continent, so liberals could experience "utter shock" (a novelty emotion) on a Sunday. Now, this.

Was it the $50 Million? We have to know. Is $50 million too much to "break off" for a brother all at once? Was it the weed? "Hydro"? Was the herb just a little bit too purterb? Was it the success? Was carrying a network (with backup from Jon Stewart) too much?

To wit, via loosie:

"(Chappelle) regularly arrives hours late for shooting and has disappeared for days at a time without offering an explanation for his absence."

Now, The Corsair doesn't want to offend anyone, although astute minds will see what is coming. The question must needs to be asked: Does showing up late for work w/o explanation mean Dave is losing it, per se: Or was Chappelle simply exercising "ghetto priviledges"? CP time.

Just asking.


Nichelle said...

If being late for work makes you crazy, than they would have locked my Black a$$long ago.

Ron said...

I know. Me too. Comedy Central needs to accept the "chronology dissonance" between white and black people time. When lunch is scheduled for an hour, a black person will take the full hour. Comedy Central ought to have allowed for that.