Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Is McCain Rising?

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The concept of a political fucking bantaamweight like Rudolph Giuliani mincing about the National Stage as a front-runner in the Presidential race is hard to wrap one's mind around. Has Giuliani ever governed anything larger than a big urban municipality? Has Rudy ever cracked a musty tome on foreign policy and howled at the plight of the third world? What makes a cognitive cake-boy like Rudy think he has the intellectual firepower to be the President of the United States?

Of the bloodless Mitt Romney (Averted Gaze), The Corsair does not doubt his raw intelligence. We -- sotto voce -- doubt his character. He is all icy ambition and zero political principle. But we do, however, compliment in all sincerity his inscrutable hair (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment). It is a wonder Romney has so many children and grandchildren, as he does not strike us -- how does one say this? -- as a "passionate" man. He deliberate precision strikes us as being consonant to a man who has icewater unceremoniously tossed at his loin (The Corsair sips an "insouciant" 1962 Barolo Bersano).

"The Desolate One" has proven that -- like a pure, unadulterated businessman -- at all costs he is able to maneuver himself in a position that is most profitable. We do not begrudge him those oily virtues that make this country great and puts food on everyones. The problem with Romney is that politics is not "Business," per se. Business is what we do to pay the rent. Politics seeks after morality; business seeks after profits. Get it? And never the twain shall meet. For further reference, observe the pandemonium bourne out of sheer incompetence created by the first "CEO President" with an MBA degree (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment).

We have enough faith in the jeweler's eye of the American voter that Rudiani and The Great Beast Fortold By The Ancients will be discovered soon enough. their leads within the Republican Party are what pollsters call "soft." This leaves room for Senator McCain, who cleft our political hearts in twain and became a Conservative wingnut on the War (And, worse, in his moist Bush-kiss at the 204 convention). Still, we predict McCain will win New Hampshire after he rehires Weaver. Already his maneuverings are fierce and multidimensional. From Politico:

"The candidate with perhaps the most to gain from the Petraeus/Crocker report is Arizona Sen. John McCain, who issued a statement Monday calling the MoveOn.org ad a 'McCarthyite attack.'

"McCain has been a vocal backer of the surge policy and has pushed for a larger troop footprint in Iraq for years.

"Now McCain is trying to 'triangulate' the issue. After taking a beating for opposing his party’s base on immigration reform, he wants credit from true believers on Iraq. But he’s also creating space among independent-leaning voters dissatisfied with Bush by making clear that he — and only he — is among the Republican candidates who criticized the administration for its war policy in the early-going of the conflict.

"In New Hampshire last week, McCain said he would lead the fight for the surge in the Senate while at the same time branding Donald Rumsfeld 'one of the worst secretaries of Defense in the history of this country.'"

Charmed, I'm sure.

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