Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Come On, Fitty

(image via z.about)

Okay: First off -- it's kind of ghetto to dive into a pool with all your clothes on at a goddam music concert in order to snag a wet c-note, no? And, of course, it is MEGA-GHETTO to toss out fake $100 bills just to see what happens when you just landed $400 million on a lark. From the 3AM Girls:

"Hip-hop genius 50 Cent may have narrowly escaped electrocution during his Absolut vodka bash at the Hard Rock hotel on the weekend.

"But we hear the star didn't help things by tossing fake $100 bills into the nearby pool.

"'People thought they were real and dived after them. There were fights and it was out of control,' says our source."

So. Not. Cool.

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