Saturday, September 29, 2007

"Mind Blowing Sex" Kept Kate and Pete Together

No surprise that "chemistry" is cited as the major reason that Kate and Pete stayed together all that time. We'd go so far as to cite "Medeival Alchemy (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment)" was .. somehow involved.

Now, the Kate camp refers to him -- wittily -- as "the slug." That kind of volatility is usually based on a good transitory sex chemistry. And that almost never lasts more than six months. From the 3AMGirls:

"Wanna know why Kate Moss and Pete Doherty kept getting back together? Mind-blowing sex...

"So says Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan, who has spilled the beans on the couple's on-off affair.

"Shane, 49, told us at the Berkeley Square Ball in London's Mayfair: 'They were perfect for each other. Totally nuts about each other.

"'They were one of those couples that would argue loads but when they got back together they would have mind-blowing sex.' Shane, who is rumoured to have offered Pete a place to stay when he comes out of rehab, went on: 'They had this great chemistry and that's something they'll miss.

"'When I saw Kate last week she said she was sad about the way things had turned out.

"'She would have done anything for Pete, but he wouldn't change.'"

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