Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Courtney Love Ruins Kate Moss' Dress

Poor Kate doesn't look to be having a good time here. (image via thisislondon)

We do love "Court Love". How can you not? She's a big, fucked-up mess with a soft, candy coated center (Aaw..). She was aeons ahead of conventional thinking on the stupid-ass business model of the thoroughly pimpy music industry. Courtney Love is like a feral but cute beast rummaging through one's recyclable garbage, not unlike a baby racoon.

But -- and we're only vaguely alluding to the whole doing heroin while you're pregnant thing, because that speaks for itself -- she is a Goddam Freakshow. But that fact is mitigated by the fact that she was abused by the disgusting Ted Nungent.

And now, clumsily, The Freakshow ruins the fragile Kate Moss' dress, in full view of cameras. We can only assume Court Love sealed the deal with a lusty belch followed by a surly "WhyDon'tchalook WhereYerGoing" growl calculated to rasp Moss' equilibrium. From thisisLondon:

"Miss Moss had arrived for the Golden Age of Couture exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum a shimmering picture of old-school glamour.

"Unfortunately that's when Courtney Love put her foot in it. Or rather on it."

"The 43-year-old American actress, not noticing Miss Moss's two-foot train, stomped all over the delicate satin."

What a meaningful and allusive sentence, that.

"As a distinct tearing noise reverberated around the museum, the 33-year-old supermodel anxiously looked over her shoulder to discover a tiny rip in the material.

"As the night grew longer, so did the rip - until Miss Moss's beautiful £650 gown was in tatters."

Why would anyone put anything --or anyone -- delicate in front of Courtney Love. And what is it about Kate Moss that suggests, vaguely, Tragedy?

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