Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fashion Week Round-Up, Take 2

"If you're hoping for an off-duty model sighting this week, skip the scene at Bungalow 8 and head to Whole Foods Market. We spotted Rachel Alexander (in workout gear) loading up her cart at the salad bar and Kim Noorda checking labels in the dairy section at the Bowery location yesterday evening." (Style/Blogs)

"Carmen Electra will host Full Frontal Fashion on Voom's Ultra HD channel this week during New York Fashion Week.Ultra HD, along with 14 other Voom high-def networks, is available on EchoStar's Dish Network and Cablevision.Full Frontal Fashion features high-def videos of female and male models displaying the latest outfits on the catwalk." (TVPredictions)

"Last night, Fashion Week kicked off with a Sun King worthy fete. To celebrate their 100th year in the bling bizness, Van Cleef & Arpels transformed the dingy Hammerstein Ballroom into a swish Parisian lounge for a wild array of fashion folk and jewelry junkies. Swathed in 'blush and bashful' the room evoked Julia Robert’s wedding in Steel Magnolias more than a chic boite in the 7th, but it was lovely all the same.I got there at 7pm on the dot because I read that Lee Radzwill would be a host and I didn’t want to miss a second of her regal beanstalk of a presence." (Hint)

"The MisShapes actually had a reason for their trademark somber faces last night at the Preen party in the penthouse of the Soho Grand: After Saturday night, the trio's legendary Don Hill dancefests will be no more. The group's not taking the last days before this final performance easy, though: They're providing the music for a few fashion shows, then heading up to Toronto for an event to celebrate their new nightlife tome—which officially launched yesterday—and to DJ a party for pal Sienna Miller." (Style/Blogs)

"But to everybody who said there'd be no celebrities attending New York's fashion week -- we give you our first (post-modern) celeb sighting of the season -- Miss Cory Kennedy, left coast MySpace teen-queen, front row at tonight's left-coast transplant downtown hipster-label Grey Ant show." (NYPost)

"Cator: I have to say you are a vision tonight. How elegant, glowing and ethereal you look!
"Julie Newmar: Well, thank you. That compliment could only come from a Southern boy. Where are you from, darling?
"Cator: Atlanta, Georgia ma'am. A real Southern Peach!
"Julie: Oh, really? Where are your peaches?
"With that, I point to my posterior and without missing a beat she give one cheek a firm squeeze and declares, 'Nice Peaches, kid!' Julie Newmar squeezed my ass. Heaven!" (Hint)

"In the hustle and bustle of fashion week, everyone loves a good Kelly Cutrone People's Revolution show -- it's always well-run, relatively on-time, well-organized, and nearly completely devoid of seat stealers.
(Last season at Heatherette, Cutrone hired professional seat-holders -- literally one seat holder per front row seat, who were instructed not to budge until instructed to by a headphone-clipboard-weilding publicist.)" (NYPost)

"Will Emily Mortimer be a front row staple at the shows this week? 'No,' she insisted last night at Glamour Magazine's Soho cocktail party to launch a line of charity t-shirts. 'I went to the Marc Jacobs show last year and I thought I was going to be crushed! It was so terrifying getting in there-I thought I was going to have a panic attack. Tomorrow morning I'm going to Boston to finish a movie and avoid fashion week altogether. This is my last hurrah!'" (Stylist)

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