Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wesley Clark Endorses Clinton

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Wesley Clark's endorsement of Clinton is a pretty major intramural political event considering Clark won the Democratic Oklahoma primary in 2004. Clearly Clark -- who flirted with running himself -- is angling for a little Sec-Def or Sec-State action in a Clinton Administration in 2008. We have learned of late that career military men tend to have particularly acute political antennae, and are worth observing with a cool, jaded eye, especially if they graduated from the various military institutes in the united States. Military strategy, we have learned, can be easily translated by the natural politican, into the sphere of electoral politics. For further reference see: former Naval Secretary Senator Warner's glorious destruction of Olliver North.

Still, Clarke has some heat, and the timing of the endorsement, calculated to blunt the sharpness of the criticism of Senator Cliton's contentious questioning of General Petraeus coming from the giuliani secor. From TheHill:

"Retired Gen. Wesley Clark said Saturday morning he is endorsing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (D-N.Y.) presidential bid.

"Clark, who served as NATO’s supreme allied commander during President Bill Clinton’s time in office, said Clinton would 'be a great commander-in-chief for the men and women in uniform.'

"The announcement comes after Clinton’s Republican rival, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, has intensified attacks on the senator."

Now, if Hillary can sic Clark on that punk-ass Rudiani, who is clearly using the canard to offset his siking poll numbers. Clark -- a true warrior -- could really tear Rudiani's ass up if he wanted. Where was Rudiani in the Vietnam War? He, uh, opposed the war for "Tactical" and "Strategic" reasons (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment).

Rudiani -- as we predicted -- is plummeting in the polls. The Corsair has a pet theory that all those bullshit inflated polls that put Giuliani in first place, were the gossamyr dreams of political colmnists looking for "dream stories of America's Mayor becoming President" during the dog days of Summer. They had little in the way of reality. How silly was Chris Matthews talking smack about how he knew people in South Carolinia that were willing to vote for Rudy.

Right. Sure. The Corsair is calling bullshit. Zero percentage. You tell me the last time a thrice-married Cousin-lover who is pro-abortion and pro-gun control and pro-gays ever won a fucking plurality in a South Carolinia Republican primary (Okay, maybe the cousin-loving thing could be a plus in South Carolinia). South Carolinia is the most right-wing state in the Union. It wasn't until 2000 that the Confederate battle flag was lowered for the last time from the state capitol. 2-0-0-0, people!

The Hillary camp should send Clark out against Giuliani to bring up Rudy's Vietnam service in the South and Southwest and finish him once and for all as a Presidential contender.

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