Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Christian Slater and Tamara Mellon

(image via z.about)

Do you remember when Christian Slater was annoying child actor who aped Jack Nicholsen's every move? Everyone thought it was cute, but you thought it was fucking stupid? Yeah. He's grown up. Somewhat. But the likeness to Jack lingers. From the 3AM Girls:

"Christian Slater is a real shark when it comes to the British ladies.

"The Hollywood hunk - who's currently in the UK preparing for his West End theatre role in Swimming With Sharks - was spotted playing tonsil tennis with stunning Jimmy Choo founder, Tamara Mellon, at a swish Japanese restaurant in London's Mayfair.

"A fellow diner at Sumosan tells us: 'They looked totally smitten.'"

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