Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Harry Potter Outpaces Star Wars and Bond

(image via cojecko)

In a previous -- and decidedly more geekish -- incarnation, The Corsair somewhat cared about the goings on in "Star Wars." But we never much cared about James Bond (Too much the archetypal British colonizer for our Ugandan tastes). Still, it is a good thing that a franchise that encourages a challenging read to this Attention deficit Disorder generation is so spectacularly profitable. From Cinematical:

"There are still two Harry Potter movies to go, but the franchise is already the top-grossing series of all time with $4.47 billion in worldwide earnings. This figure puts it above Star Wars and its sequels and prequels ($4.23 billion) and the 21 official James Bond movies plus the unofficial Never Say Never Again ($4.44 billion)."

Not bad for a formerly penniless single British mother.

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