Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Phil Spector Pulled a Gun on Walter Cronkite's Daughter

(image via thesource)

Okay, Fellini is officially a prophet and not rendered under the category of surrealist filmmaker. The whole wide world is wild at heart and crazy all over, Sailor. According to Joan Rivers, who was on the Howard Stern show on Monday, she had Phil Spector thrown out her her WASP-manque dinner parties because he pulled a gun on the fruit of the venerable anchor's loins. From Marksfriggin:

"Joan said that Phil once pulled a gun on Walter Cronkite's daughter. Howard wondered what she said to him that made him pull a gun on her. Joan said she wasn't sure but she had to have him kicked out of her party because of it. The jury hasn't been able to come up with an answer yet and she thinks that they're just stupid."

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