Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Cameron's Meta-Statement


The Corsair's brilliant blog wife, Miu, has come up with some truly "meta" pictures of Cameron Diaz, silent, face lowered all solemn-like -- introspective even -- wielding a lone camera against the paparazi hordes.

What the fuck?

Permit me. But: Let's be respectful of "the process." Please, let's.

Let's begin the vivisection. Could this be some sort of postmodern theater excercise? Is she presenting us, the spectator, with an ironic "recursive mirror" scenario? Is she experimenting with the methods of Artauld? Is she engaging in "a violent, physical determination to shatter the false reality which, Artauld said, lies like a shroud over our perceptions"? -- And whatnot? (The Corsair drains a chilled glass of 2001 Chateau Malijay)

Come to think of it, it seems like such an organic statement.

We won't entertain the possibility that Cameron is naught else but utterly in need of psychiatric care.

More pics, more commentary: at Socialitelife


Phelony Jones said...

There is nothing like drawing attention to yourself, is there...

Perhaps Mariah can join her on the initial consult with the doc. Actually, I can completely see how being in the spotlight would make these folks crack.

The Corsair said...

true. i think this is a result of the recent lawsuit they won against the gossip magazines.

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