Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Picture Pages, Picture Pages ...


"Screen test for 'The Untitled Quentin Tarrantino Project,' take 2 ... Action!" (image via thecobrasnake)


True, he does have A weak knee and an unfortunate allergy to shellfish, but when it comes to Jewfro's ... nobody does it better than Ari. (image via thecobrasnake)


"Listen to them--the children of the night! What music they make!" (image via thecobrasnake)


Hey there, earnest hipsterboy: Jackson Brown called. He wants his look back. (image via thecobrasnake)


"You do not do, you do not do Any more, black shoe .." (image via thecobrasnake)


Through the delicious irony of filthy cardboard cutouts, Tabitha and Selene were able to express themselves entirely to each other. (image via thecobrasnake)


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Anonymous said...

Will he run out of people that annoying soon and start to repeat faces? It's too scary, otherwise...

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