Tuesday, August 16, 2005

LiveBlogging at Michaels


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Apparently, there's a Court TV panel on the Plame affair going on that no one invited The Corsair to attend. The Corsair gets, like, 50 solicitations a day via email, and they fail to invite me to this? God, The Corsair could have had a veritable "Bonfire of the Vanity Fair" over there. The Corsair would be, like, a one-man Spy Magazine, operating commando-style, taking out the media moguls. Hmm. On second thought, Good thinking, PR types; one doesn't invite a bull into a china shop. Anyway, blog-heartbreaker Elizabeth Spiers, the patron saint of all us snarkish types, is liveblogging the swishy set at Michael's today for Mediabistro:

"Nick Lehmann: What's the difference between Time Warner and the Times Co.?

"Michael Wolff: the Times board doesn't have a decision to make. (On Time Warner) a public company of that size can't say no! The shareholder lawsuits... the *feeble* share price (audience snickers) would have been cut in half overnight.

"Norman Pearlstine: the reality is that I came to a decision for journalistic principles and never got to that point.

"Wolff : (elaborates on how the issue looks...) At the end of the day I think people look at this and say, 'a pox on all their houses..."(Another panelist doesn't see the complication, says it's an issue of a journalist protecting a source.)

"Wolff: the complication is that it's JUDY MILLER!"

Did the Vanity Fair scribe really scream in all caps like that? Could you, like, describe his "big, sexy lips," in motion, as he was saying that? Was there moisture involved? Enquiring minds want to know ...

Liveblogging CourtTv's Event

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