Thursday, August 11, 2005

Kate and Pete: Together Again


Pete Doherty borne aloft by love ... not cracksmoke. (image via hello!Magazine)

When he's not brawling, hooking, or sucking on the glass dick, or generally causing a ruckus, Pete Doherty is, evidently, a nice guy. At least that's what Kate Moss seems to think. The woman who Johnny Depp described as having a "highwater booty" is back again with her former crack addict. According to Hello!Magazine:

"Strolling along the streets of Primrose Hill in the summer sunshine, Kate Moss and her on-off beau Pete Doherty looked like any other young couple in love. Despite the apparent unity of the photos, however, in reality the cosy lunch was the latest episode in the model's roller-coaster relationship with the troubled Babyshambles frontman.

" .... The most recent split came just two weeks ago when Kate threw the singer out of her home after a reportedly inebriated Pete got into a fight with a group of teenagers. Kate has apparently been trying to help the rocker, who is a self-confessed drug addict, to escape his demons. But friends of the model say the stress of doing so is taking its toll. The Daily Mail quotes one chum as saying, 'This relationship is destroying Kate. Everyone is worried about what this is doing to her� It is like an extreme version of the Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton romance � they can't live without each other but the relationship is totally destructive.'"

The full story here.

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