Monday, August 01, 2005

Jude Law Wants Sienna to be his BabbyMomma


(image via usaweekend)

Clearly aware of the fact that his Q-Ratings are on the line -- at least with women, men already hate his ass -- Jude Law is launching a charm offensive the likes of which includes the creation of petite offspring. According to Newsoftheweek:

"JUDE LAW is trying to woo back SIENNA MILLER with baby talk.

" ... A pal revealed: 'Jude has begged Sienna for forgiveness and says he wants her to have his baby."

And who, pray tell, will play the Nanny in that impending tragic-comic operetta?

"'Sienna was stunned when he raised the subject, but Jude insisted it would prove his commitment to her."

An age old story, still, go on:

"'He loves Sienna more than anything in the world and he really believes that a baby would seal their relationship if she could only bring herself to forgive him.'"

And -- cynically, we know -- save his reputation as a viable warm-and-fuzzy romantic lead in Hollywood, in the process (We told you we were cynical).

" ... The friend added: 'Jude is riddled with guilt. He's told Sienna he'd never cheat on her again.'

"The pal added: 'He's desperate to convince her he would make a great dad if they had a little son or daughter together and that he would always be there for her.

"'Jude's appealing to every instinct a woman has and he can be very persuasive.

"'He's doing his best to paint a vision of their future together."

The full article here; it's a pisser.


Anonymous said...

doesn't he already have 3 kids? if he's doing this for his image, what a scary reason to have a kid.

also- is it true that sienna had an affair with mark ruffalo?

i love watching all these people, they are caricatures, not real.

The Corsair said...

He has a mess of kids, I think 2 by Sadie Frost. I haven't heard about Ruffalo. Thanks for the comments, guys.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Sadie and Jude were already over when Sienna came into the picture.
And by the way..he has 3 kids.

Anonymous said...

well you never know, he might really feel sorry. i'm a girl and i can say that men will be men. it's up to her to decide if she wants him back and actually forgive him. people make mistakes and they mess up so we'll see wat kind of a person sienna is... if she's so understanding or not

Anonymous said...

"Men will be men"?! What kind of crap is that?!! The updated version of "Boys will be boys?!! Stupid excuses like that are what perpetuate bad behavior. Jude Law is a pathetic individual who can't keep his pants zipped. And if that wasn't bad enough, he chooses his CHILDREN"S nanny!! And let's not forget what a great father he is by getting caught in bed with the nanny by one of his own children! Nice going,Jude! And he professes his great love for Sienna??! That's a damn strange kind of love...And as far as Sienna being understanding based on whether she forgives him or not?!! Yes,people do mistakes. But this was NOT a "mistake" that Jude Law made. Choosing a bad script is mistake, screwing your children's nanny while on location with your children, while being engaged is a serious character flaw. Sienna Miller should close this sad chapter in her life and find a better man-not an ALFIE!!

Anonymous said...

men will be men,,thats just how the lord built them and if you have a problem with that you have a problem with reality.telling a man not to cheat is like telling a sister not to rearange the furniture or like shopping. we have a nesting instinct and guys are dogs plain and simple.