Thursday, August 04, 2005

Rock and Roll Royalty


(image via Hello!Magazine)

Scowls, evidently, can be inherited. According to Hello!Magazine:

"Thin and lanky with a rock star sneer, Theodora Richards seems to be emulating her Rolling Stone father Keith as she fronts a new fashion campaign. Striking a series of poses for High Street chain Morgan, 20-year-old Theodora, whose mum is Seventies supermodel Patti Hansen, confidently clutches an electric guitar just like dear old dad.


Theodora, Patti Hansen, Alexandra. (image via

"'We wanted to play on her rock and roll heritage,' said a spokesperson for the retailer. 'She's sexy, trendy and young.' Theodora has previously teamed up with fellow rock offspring in the name of fashion, including starring in a Tommy Hilfiger campaign with Sting's son Jake Sumner among others, and showing off Marks & Spencer underwear in ads alongside Mick Jagger's model daughter Elizabeth."

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