Monday, August 15, 2005

China: The Anti-United States


(image via cnn)

In the beginning was the Sino-Russo alliance, borne out of the tumultuous Bratislava talks, the unmitigated success of The Rose Revolution, the Neoconservative encouragement of democracy in "the Stans," and the magnetic attraction of former Soviet satellite The Ukraine into a more, eh ... Westerly orbit (The Corsair sips a glass of chilled Grappa).

Then, there was a Chinese-Latin American adventurism, which suggested only bad intentions. Why, The Corsair asked himself over a leisurely pull on a Fuente Fuente Opus X cigar, was tyrannical China so furiously establishing trade and diplomatic relations with, well, countries -- read: Venezuela -- that had tense times with the United States?

Now it all begins to make sense. Chinese foreign policy is displaying an alarming amount of Confucian "Ren," which is, unfortunately, bad news for the United States, whose abrupt and recent neoconservative change of heart has soured the world's tyrannies, who had become so comfortable with, during the Cold War, our adherence to a more flexible Kissingerian realpolitik.

The pendulum swings. The zeitgeist turns. The Cold War is over; America bestrides the globe as single, unquestionable colossus; Machiavellian Realism and Liberal Internationalism appear to be, for the moment at least, outmoded political philosophies in a post-bilateral global framework; the rest of the world is a bit frightened at this new world order. This incarnation of Novus Ordo Saeculorum is not the "pacta sunt servandum," governed by International Law, as the one championed -- so recently -- by George Bush, 41.

In this present Pandaemonium: China plans, grotesquely, to make the United Nations the gladiatorial fundament of their Great Game against American hyperpower, stitching together, with spider-like cunning, a sinister global majority of the global theater's basketcases. One can almost imagine, with startling clarity, the mandarins of Beijing, salivating, waiting -- patiently -- for the United States to crack down on Mexico over immigration (which, no doubt, will occur slightly before the 2006 midterm congressional elections), so as to strengthen diplomatic ties with Vincente Fox at our expense. Charmed, I'm sure.

China has -- with Russia, at present -- veto power in the UN Security Council. And while -- yes -- at the moment, the United Nations seems an entirely irrelevant rook on the International Chessboard, a paper tiger, there is no telling what the Chinese dragon is capable of doing if they continue to cut diplomatic deals, unfettered, with dictatorships and get their majorities in the General Assembly. Let's fetter them, why don't we? Says Kelly Beaucar Vlahos of Fox News:
"While the Bush administration engages China on these matters, the U.S.-China Commission has turned its focus in part to the political alliances China has been forming with governments that have been targeted by international critics for continued human rights violations, rampant corruption and state-sponsored terrorism.

"Alongside new commercial enterprises on the continent of Africa, China has been solidifying its strongest and longest partnerships with two African dictatorships: Zimbabwe and Sudan. Both nations are known for their oppressive regimes.

"In June, Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe ordered the bulldozing of 700,000 people's homes that he declared illegal. The government of Sudan has been blamed for the murder of more than 180,000 civilians in Darfur and the displacement of nearly 3 million people who now live in refugee camps. Both government actions have been called crimes against humanity.

"'What I think is disconcerting is the willingness of China to not only help but to defend rogue regimes,' said Princeton Lyman, who served as ambassador to both Nigeria and South Africa in the Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Clinton administrations."

We must begin to address "The China Issue" seriously, parallel to the War on Terror, before these great United States are up against a wall, with Chinese instigated anti-American majority at the United Nations.

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