Monday, August 29, 2005

Pizza Night for the Spanish Monarchy

Once known endearingly as "Juan Carlos the Brief" by his loyal subjects, because, as a young man, he was known as fearless, the Spanish King took his royal progeny out for some ... pizza? Remember that early episode on "The Facts of Life" when Blair Warner's bitchy friend disdainfully eyed Blair's efforts at making a tuna fish sandwich snack, saying, "we feed tuna to our cats." (We believe that she duly averted her gaze at the end of that sentence)

We don't know why that came to mind just now, but it did. According to Hello!Magazine:

"Certainly accustomed to challenges, King Juan Carlos of Spain and his wife Queen Sofia cheerfully embarked on a significant undertaking this week � stepping out for a family dinner with nearly half a dozen grandchildren, all under the age of seven.


"I suppose it would be jejeune to ask the peasants to fetch me a glass of peasant's blood to wash this shit down?" (image via Hello!Magazine)

"Candid shots of the fun-filled gathering show the king and queen � along with daughters Infanta Cristina and Infanta Elena, and son-in-laws I�aki Urdangarin and Jaime Marichalar � sharing a meal and quite a few laughs with grandchildren Froilan, Victoria Federica, Juan Valentin, Pablo Nicolas and Miguel at a Majorca pizzeria. While the restaurant was called Diablito, or Little Devil, the tiny fivesome looked nothing less than angelic as they indulged in pizza night with their parents and grandparents."

The full story and more pics here.

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slyboots2 said...

I'd be truly impressed if the pizza outing was immortalized by the likes of De Goya or Velazquez.