Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Madonna's "Face Etched in Anxiety"


(image via newsoftheworld)

So, when push comes to shove Madonna is not unlike a fundamentalist Christian when it comes to the mending of her busted wing, huh? According to the extremely downmarket Newsoftheworld:

"Doctors have warned Madonna her injuries could take three months to heal. But the leader of the mystical Jewish faith encouraged her to have extra prayer sessions to speed up her recovery.

"The News of the World spotted her first visiting the centre in London's West End on Friday afternoon. Then she returned under the cover of darkness to make a midnight visit for another session.

"And in contrast to yesterday's public smiles, she emerged with her sling hidden under a black shawl, her face etched with anxiety as she was driven away."

Madonna, "etched with anxiety," you say? It all sounds so ... Quattrocento, n'est-ce pas?


(image via middlebury)

"Last night a source close to the injured star told us: 'While Madonna has put on a brave face, the truth is she has been in a lot of pain."

That rather reminds us of the "constipated gas face" the Material Girl performed, unintentionally, upon meeting Queen Elizabeth, to wit:


(image via mi6)

"'She has always controlled every facet of her life. But this accident, on her 47th birthday, has jolted her about her own mortality.

"'That's why she felt she needed to go to the Kabbalah Centre.'"

The Corsair would simply pop an oxycontin and sip on the fizzy water, but ... to each their own (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment).

The full story here.

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