Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Dennis Hopper is a Picklehead


(image via altmanphoto)

In Spike Lee's new autobiography, "Spike Lee, as told to Kaleem Aftab," we get this curious little chestnut:

"Cannes, unabashed about jumping onto any significant bandwagon had also caught the black film bug. Poster designer Art Sims remembers, 'that Cannes Festival (Ed Note: in 1991), I had one of the best times in my life. You could make a movie about that festival. There were a number of African-American filmmakers at that festival. John Singleton's Boyz N The Hood was there. Madonna had a party and Ice T and Ice Cube had come to France. Dennis Hopper saw me come into the party with a bag in my hand and he says, 'Hey, dude, just chillout, man, just relax, put your gun down there.' Spike had to jump in and say, 'He's cool, he aint packing a gun in his hand.' Dennis Hopper thought every black guy was a gangster, he was hilarious.'"

Or fucking stupid, punch-drunk and ignorant. Take your pick.


Phelony Jones said...

When my mom was about 21, she and some of her friends had lunch with Hopper and he was completely on another planet - they were very afraid!!!

Nickolas said...

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