Monday, November 08, 2004

Warren Beatty Was John Kerry's Wingman

Above: With Old Glory at his back, priapic manwhore Warren Beatty puts to bed once and for all distorted reports on the "length" of his "Bullworth" ...

Okay, so, The Corsair was watching C-Span's Road to the White House election recap on Sunday evening (What, like, you didn't? I'm the only one? Whatever ...) with two writers at Newsweek who covered the campaign. Newsweek's How Bush Did It cover story was also discussed at length (Warren's shortcomings notwithstanding ).

Jonathan Darman, who covered Senator Kerry's losing White House bid, had an interesting little tidbit for the C-Span audience about the Hollywood-DC power nexus. Apparently, Kerry, who wanted Senator John McCain to be his Veep choice -- his first choice, despite electiontime denials -- enlisted Hollywood Elite Warren Beatty, who once considered a possible White House run on his own and was one of the first actors to fund Presidential runs, to get McCain, their mutual buddy on board. Hows that for an odd collabo? The position was pretty nebulous, as Newsweek wrote in the How Bush Won article:

"Both to heal the bitter partisan divide and because he would do anything to win, Kerry offered to make GOP Sen. John McCain a kind of grand national-security czar�serving as both secretary of Defense and vice president in a Kerry administration. McCain declined and supported Bush."

Apparently, the former North Korean POW wasn't biting, according to Darman, who told C-Span, "I think Warren Beatty made a hard sell to Senator McCain, but the Senator wasn't interested."

Poor Warren, that must have been one of the first times one of his offers was rebuffed.

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