Monday, November 15, 2004

Vincent Gallo Gets Out of the Truffle Game


Above: Would you ingest any foodstuffs connected to this man? Me neither. He looks like he did something very bad in the creme brulee.

All the truffle pimps say it, cause it's true that Truffling aint easy; and that's ultimately why Gallo got out of the truffle game. Gawker's Jessica Coen comes up with this juicy little, erm, truffle. Apparently, the creepy vole-like indie-director/man-model Vincent Gallo's days as a purveyor of what new york journo Gersh Kuntzman describes as, "an ethereal mix of dark chocolate, walnuts and vanilla" are over. Of which, a gawker reader writes:

"On Aug 3 2003, there were several posts on Gawker about the Vosges haut chocolate Vincent Gallo truffle line (irony or the opposite thereof, the special ingredient in one of them was oil). I was highly amused and actually bought a box. Shameful, I know.

"The kicker is this: I recently got a new catalog from Vosges, and the Vincent Gallo collection is renamed the Collection Italiano."

On reporter Gersh Kuntzman's website, we get an interesting exchange over the ethereal mix of Gallo:

"GERSH: Hi, is this Vince Gallo?

"GALLO: Who�s calling?

"GERSH: The reporter who�s been trying to contact you about the Vince Gallo chocolates.

"GALLO: (annoyed) The name is Vincent Gallo.

"GERSH: Great. I really want to talk to you about those chocolates �

"GALLO: (interrupting) I�m in a session right now.

"GERSH: A session, hmm. I understand. Tell me when I can call you back.

"GALLO: I will be editing my movie for the next three weeks and will not be talking to anyone.

"GERSH: Not even about chocolate this good?

"GALLO: No. (Hangs up.)"

Pure chewing satisfaction notwithstanding, undeterred, the intrepid Kuntzman pressed the case, because inquiring minds want to know:

"Four weeks later, I called Gallo again, thinking that he�d finally be excited to talk. Here is my second attempt:

"GERSH: Hi, I need to speak to Vincent Gallo, please.

"GALLO: Who is calling?

"GERSH: It�s that reporter from the Post who called you a month ago to talk about the chocolate. I figured I�d call you back to see if you want to talk about the great Vincent Gallo truffles that your friend, Katrina Markoff, made.

"GALLO: Sorry, I can�t help you. (Hangs up).

"When I called (Vosges owner Katrina Markoff), she wasn�t surprised.

"Omigod! He is so rude!"

And, he likes his women like he likes his "egg foo" ...

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