Monday, November 22, 2004

Cowabunga, Prince Dude

And you thought he was a "barney," but we told you he was coolaphonic. Wills know waves, dude, we said, but you never listen to me, you never do. Wills can hang.

According to our most favorite royal stalking site, operating without a restraining order for now, Hello!Magazine, Prince William, or Wills, was "burning house" on some serious "boggas." Royal House of Windsor style.

According to Hello!Magazine:

"Prince William has been catching some waves during a break from his studies at St Andrews. The 22-year-old, who is in his final year at the Scottish university, was photographed showing off his surfing skills in the chilly waters of the North Sea.

"At one point the handsome royal was knocked off his board by one of his fellow wave-riders. 'I was left spluttering in the water,' he said with a laugh. 'It was a bit like putting your head in a freezer when you went under, but the wetsuit I've got is pretty good.'"

Simultaneous Corsair Surfer Translator: Brahdeen was frosted by some hellacious spray on da kine and wiped.

"In an interview to mark his final year at St Andrews, Wills, who is considering joining the Army when he finishes his education, expresses his willingness to fight for his country in combat and says he would prefer to be treated like any other soldier.

"'The last thing I want to do is be mollycoddled or wrapped up in cotton wool,' he affirms. 'It's the most humiliating thing and it would be something I'd find very awkward to live with, being told I couldn't go out there when these guys have got to go out there.'"

Hey, The Corsair likes to be wrapped up in cotton wool. Nothing wrong with some sexy wrapping.

"The Prince also said he is not overly worried about the responsibilities that lie ahead. 'The thing with me is I look on the brighter side of everything,' he explains. 'There's no point being pessimistic or being worried about too many things because frankly life's too short.'"

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