Thursday, November 04, 2004

P Diddy: 'The world is ready for a black James Bond.'

According to The Evening Standard:

"Music mogul P Diddy is making a bid to be the first black James Bond. The rapper, who also runs his own record label and clothing range, modestly believes he is perfect for the 007 role.

"The man formerly known as Puff Daddy said: 'The world is ready for a black James Bond.' Producers behind the James Bond franchise are said to be undecided who will step into the role vacated by Pierce Brosnan."

Martini, shaken, not stirred? Try, Cristal -- in a pimp chalice. Then perhaps JLo can be Ass Galore?

And re: Gadgets -- Do you really want to give a brother access to fake fingerprints?

Anyway, The Corsair wishes a happy birthday to Diddy ... P Diddy. How will P Diddy celebrate his birthday, other than the ultra A-List party tonight? He tells USA Today:

"'In this one year, I've run a marathon, I did Broadway, signed on for a movie to do Carlito's Way: The Beginning, won men's designer of the year, opened up a store on Fifth Avenue, got the youth vote out � and now it's my birthday,' Combs said.

"'It's been a great year but it's been hard work. I'm gonna lay down for a week, watch TV, eat a turkey sandwich ... (and) watch old reruns of Good Times.'"

Throw in a couple pints of Cutty Sark and The Corsair is soo there.


Pencopal said...

The world is ready for a black 007...who can act. Like Denzel. Or that hot guy from CSI.

Anonymous said... know how much I love Kimora Ron. By the site address changed.....its now