Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It's Over, Johnny

"How can we loose when we're so sincere"?
Charlie Brown

What can I say? The Ohio and Florida Exit poll numbers I posted were wrong, and I was not alone. Perhaps they were right earlier in the day, I just don't know, but in the end, Bush won. That hurts, because, unlike George Bush Senior, whom I thought was fantastic on foreign policy, George Bush Junior is way to conservative for my tastes. Waay too much Jesus going on with that man. But as I have a lot of pro-Bushies that read me, I'll stick to being funny and interesting.

And, we must come together, as Kerry said in his melancholy concession speech.

Did you hear that Bush got 11 percent of the African American vote, doubling his totals in 2000? Wow. Black people love the Church, and they get Bush's evangelical talk. The Democrats have got to stop holding their caucuses in Iowa. Iowa 1) Is now a red state, and 2) Does not get the base of the Democratic party. Okay, that's it.

PS: Blogger is acting up today, so I'm not sure I'll be able to post.


Shaw Israel Izikson said...

If you want to get away from being funny and interesting, I'm going to restart Am. Feed Magazine real soon. You're more than welcome to let it all hang loose over there.

This whole day hurt reallllly badly. We really need some voting reforms - no one should have to use rickity 50 year-old machines or faulty e-machines to cast their votes.

Shit, I don't even think all the votes were counted right (or even COUNTED at all). But that's just the Fox Mulder in me talking . . .

The Corsair said...

I was thinking the same thing. Votes in all categories incresed this election, but the number of new youth voters didn't catch up with the increase trend so, in the end, the youth percentage of the vote was the same as 2000. Sad. In the end, the evangelical Christians were -- surprise -- more reliable. The kids were busy eating cold pizzas and doing keggers. ;-(