Thursday, November 18, 2004

Bill Murray on James Lipton

James Lipton -- Vanitas Vanitatum, Omnia Vanitas -- is, pardon my french, an ass. His particular brand of assy-ness is cosmic in scope, infinite in breadth and inescapable. Everywhere, James Lipton, kissing ass and taking names. Scott Raab's Esky cover story of Bill Murray captures the essence of why James Lipton is the enemy of all things good in this veil of tears:

"...There are some things Bill Murray won't do for his public. Inside the Actor's Studio with James Lipton, for instance.

"'I met that guy a while ago and he said 'You're never going to do the show are you?' I guess I've been invited before, but I always had a problem with it being called Inside the Actor's Studio.

"'When I was at Second City -- the legendary Chicago Improv troupe where Murray, Belushi, and golden SNLers honed their chops -- 'we always had a bit of an attitude about the Actors Studio. The Actor's Studio -- yeah, they had a couple of good actors. So? Do we all have to get down and worship them?

"'It always bothered me. And when (Lipton) called the show Inside the Actors Studio -- well, what're you talking to Meg Ryan for, or any number of people who can't find the actors studio with a phone book? It's so hard not to take yourself seriously just day to day. The idea of going up there and being trumpeted and fellated for so long.'

"He trails off, shaking his head ..."

Tell us how you really feel about Meg Ryan, Bill.

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