Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Mating Rituals of the Rich and Famous

Page Six examines the complex mating rituals and territorial display between alpha males in competition over eligible nubile alpha females:

IT looks like David Katzenberg just can't let go. The son of DreamWorks honcho Jeffrey Katzenberg still has the hots for his long lost love, Mary-Kate Olsen � the anorexic half of the Olsen duo who dumped him in September. David, who goes to school in Boston, has come to New York to woo Olsen in the past, and was hoping to run into her last weekend in Los Angeles. But he bumped into her new love, Ali Fatourechi, instead. Our spy says: 'They were both at [L.A. eatery] Toast, sitting across from each other at separate tables. They were staring each other down � it was really uncomfortable.'"

"CHALLENGE RITUALS BETWEEN TERRITORIAL WILDEBEAST MALES May be brief or last up to 10 minutes, at low or high intensity, involve just a few or tip to 30 different behavior patterns, including all the different self-advertising, marking, and aggressive (but no submissive) displays, social contact, displacement activities, and fighting ... angle-horn signals intent to turn and face adversary."

I'm just saying ...

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