Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Old Dirty Bastard, RIP

"Stone walls do not a prison make/ Nor iron bars a cage/Minds innocent and quiet take/ That for an hermitage;/If I have freedom in my love,/ And in my soul am free,/Angels alone that soar above/ Enjoy such liberty."

Richard Lovelace, To Althea from Prison

Even in death Russell Jones, AKA Old Dirty Bastard's hijinx summons laughter from our jaded solar plexus. And, oh, what hijinx ODB was capable of. Boborigimous was the hijinx and the hooplah. TheSmokingGun has a transcript of Dirt McGirt's last parole hearing, and he was, as expected, living la vida loca from behind the iron bars of prison:

"Commissioner Crowe: Did you flood your cell?

Old Dirty Bastard: No, I didn't flood my cell.

Crowe: Didn't you set something on fire?

Big Baby Jesus: No. I had my cigarette burning, okay, what happened, one time I had my cigarette burning and I fell asleep with it burning ... I fell asleep.

Crowe: Did it set the bed clothes on fire?

Osiris: It burned a little hole in my sheet, not my mattress."

RIP, ODB, Russell Jones, Big Greasy Sandwich, or whatever it is you called yourself-- you made us laugh and for that we'll miss the fact that you are no longer with us: more crazy transcripted explanations for his hijinx here.


Anonymous said...

Ron: I'm thinking he OD'd. I miss you....Casey.

The Corsair said...

miss you too, Case ;-(